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Webinar: Building Trust in a Transition, Merger, or Acquisition


Event Details
Date: 8/30/2017
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Cost: Free

Nearly all organizations (large and small) go through some kind of restructuring effort every few years. Sometimes these changes take the form of mergers and acquisitions, but even smaller internal restructurings can be incredibly disruptive. In many cases, these efforts to improve the bottom line have a negative impact on morale, productivity, and trust. If this rings true for your situation, you will profoundly benefit from this program.

In this program we will explore:

  • Why trust is often destroyed in transitions and how this can be prevented.
  • Why top management usually over values the benefits and grossly underestimates the costs.
  • A model on how to improve the process to provide equal energy to culture issues and financial issues.
  • Seven ways management can improve the results of a transition.

Presenter: Bob Whipple, MBA, CPLP, CEO of Leadergrow Incorporated

Participants will benefit from this program through a crystal-clear view of the mistakes that result in a high mortality rate for transitions along with the antidotes. They will recognize how the situation is not hopeless—there are pragmatic actions, even in the most challenging times, that place leaders on a path to higher trust and transparency during a transition.

Join Bob Whipple MBA, CPLP for an entertaining and enlightening program that identifies the root cause of problems with transitions and offers many solutions. This session will be interactive and it will reveal some wonderful opportunities to turn a corner on the malaise that has brought many organizations to the brink of disaster.

Bob Whipple is CEO of Leadergrow Incorporated, an organization dedicated to development of leaders. He speaks on leadership topics and the development of trust in numerous venues internationally. He also teaches leadership and business classes at several universities. As a leadership coach and business consultant, he works with individual clients as well as large organizations such as government agencies, corporations, and the Rochester Business Alliance. A highly successful leader at a Fortune 500 company for over 30 years, Mr. Whipple accomplished revolutionary change while leading a division of over 2,000 people through the application of outstanding people skills. 

Within a week after the live webinar, you can also find the recording of this webinar here.