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Webinar: Hired for Youth; Fired for Age

Event Details
Date: 1/25/2017
Time: 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Cost: Free


Presented by Reynold Lewke

We all know people who are entering the last decade of work prior to retirement and many of us know those who’ve lost the job they expected to carry them into retirement. It’s a common occurrence and it can happen to anyone. Without the right skills, you won’t be ready when the career you’ve had for years is no longer an option. You will:

  • Learn how to manage and maneuver losing your job, or the possibility of it
  • Learn how to keep your retirement plans intact, no matter what
  • Learn how your mindset and actions can affect your career’s future, no matter what stage of your career you find yourself in today.

Visit the Alumni Association career services website to register and access the webinars here.