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Webinar: Modern Day Q&A: Quizzes and Assessments for Lead Generation

Event Details
Date: 2/14/2017
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Cost: Free

This webinar is for business managers/entrepreneurs. We will explore the new phenomenon of quizzes and typing tools to expand your audience, engage with potential customers early on, and streamline the path to purchasing, all in an authentic and enjoyable way. We will use LNK Creative’s Archetype Balancing Quiz as a case study, so you will also learn about your own personal problem solving style.

  • Takeaway #1: Learn how to “gamify” your marketing efforts to attract more of your best customers
  • Takeaway #2: Energize your marketing efforts by engaging with your audience: learn how to meet them where they are
  • Takeaway #3: Learn about your own Inner Archetype Balance as you problem-solve

Presenter: Ellen Koronet, Parent of RIT Tiger Avigail Koronet ’20, Computer Engineering, Chief Fun Officer, LNK Creative

As Principal & Chief Fun Officer of LNK Creative, Ellen designs and hosts interactive personality quizzes and assessments to expand reach, generate warm leads, and interact with customers. She conducts innovation training for individuals and groups to up-level problem-solving and leadership. She is the publisher and author of the Inner Muse & Mentor Creativity guidebook and picture deck. An Anthropologist by training, she spent over three decades as a focus group moderator and marketing research executive, serving Fortune 500 corporations. At conferences and venues such as Florida Creativity Weekend, MD Business Women, QRCA, On Purpose Women, a Robotics Team, and Communication Central (an editor/freelancer conference), she applies deep insight to business and personal conundrums, often based on her signature system of Inner Muse & Mentor archetypes.

You can find her in person at Florida Creativity Weekend Conference in March 24-26, 2017 in Sarasota FL (You can find the conference here.)

Within a week after the live webinar, you can also find the recording of this webinar here.